Nita Davis
Artist, Author and Photographer
As a composite photographic design artist, author and photographer I thrive on creating works that bring joy and leave a lasting impressions.
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Artwork Title: Humanity
The Done With Adulting line
Strength of Time: Weathering Life's Storms
This art piece was inspired by my belief that true humanity sees no race, no religion, no social status only another human with the same needs and rights.
This latest line of humorous designs are sure to get a smile or laugh from anyone who has every wished they could go back to being a kid at least for the day. Just click on the title to be transported to the fun zone.
Experience the resilience of the human spirit as you journey through joy, sorrow and triumph in this collection of poetry
and short stories. 2nd Edition, now includes the inspiration behind the poems and stories.
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About My Art & Photography
Through my art and photography I endeavor to capture or create images that will touch the viewer on a personal level. In creating composite photographic art pieces I combine multiple photographs as well as traditional drawings and digital drawings to create a piece that will tap into ones emotions or tell a story. When working on a commissioned piece I take the time to discuss with my client their own personal vision of the work they wish created.
memorial collage with portrait of the deceased and four photos showing her with her family at special times, all on a custom background which blends images of an Irish castle, the green fields of dover an Irish harp and a rosary.
Memory Art
Since 1997 I have been helping clients preserve their presious memories by using either their photos or portraits I have taken of them to create memory art. 
Composite photographic art piece in which the forground has a leafless tree near an old one room school house in a snow covered feild. The sky is made up of the ghosted faces of many children, with one older female face presumably a teacher.
Portrait Photography
My aim in portrait photography is to capture the essence and emotion of the client, whether it is studio style, on location, themed or boudoir.
Inspirational & Fun Art
My purpose in creating these two differnt types of art is to bring joy to others through inspiration and laughter. To view my wide selection of prints and products just click on the linked title to be taken to my online gift shop.
Artwork Title: Infusion
This artwork represents the infusion of hopes and dreams through eduction.
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